BTSB 201 - Approaches to Brewing Ales

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BTSB 201 - Approaches to Brewing Ales

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There's more than one way to turn malt, water, and hops into beer! This 3-session course will introduce three home brewing methods and dive into major ale styles of the world. Weekly classes include instruction and guided tastings. An optional Brew Day allows the participant to put their new-found skills into practice and take home 12 of their hand-crafted beers. We are flexible to organize the BTSB 201 course for a minimum group of 4 participants at a day/time that is convenient for you. Contact us to make a booking.

BTSB 201 Topics

Session 1 - Extract Brewing & English/American Ales

Session 2 - Specialty Grain Brewing & French/Belgian Ales

Session 3 - All-Grain Brewing & German Ales

Brew Day - Date and Time TBD

Recommended pre-requisite: BTSB 101 - Intro to Brewing

**Bookings made through our site via PayPal or credit card will include an additional 4% processing fee. Alternatively, a bank transfer to our HSBC account may be made without additional fees. Please email Justin at for more information.

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