BTSB 301 - Recipe Design & Troubleshooting

Brewing 301.png
Brewing 301.png

BTSB 301 - Recipe Design & Troubleshooting


Ditch the kits and the training wheels!  Build a foundation of brewing knowledge over a six-week period to improve your brewing skills and learn the fundamentals of recipe-design and troubleshooting.  Each week focuses on one step of the brewing process during a 2-hour session.  The first three weeks cover the basics of recipe design where you will put together your own custom recipe.  This will be followed by a group brew day where we carry out those recipes in 20-liter batches.  The last three weeks cover fermentation, packaging and sensory training to trouble-shoot your beer.  The course finishes with a release party featuring the beers brewed in class.  This course will allow you to finally have the confidence to ditch clone recipes and begin crafting your own creations.

Recommended pre-requisite:  BTSB 201/202 - Approaches to Brewing Ales/Lagers


  • Week 1 - Wednesday, November 8th - Grain Bill Design, Malt types, Mashing
  • Week 2 - Wednesday, November 15th - Hop Scheduling, IBUs, The Boil
  • Week 3 - Wednesday, November 22nd - Water Profile, Mineral Additions
  • Brew Day - Saturday, November 25th
  • Week 4 - Wednesday, November 29th - Yeast & Fermentation
  • Week 5 - Wednesday, December 6th - Packaging
  • Week 6 - Wednesday, December 13th - Troubleshooting your Beer
  • Final Exam & Release Party - Saturday, December 16th
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