btsb Course offerings

We offer a variety of brewing courses for brewers of all experience levels.  Each course includes theoretical knowledge and practical brewing skills.


btsb 101 - Intro to brewing

Demystify your pint!  Groups of four will each make a 20-liter batch and find out how each step of the process affects the beer in the glass.  Participants will learn more about the history of brewing and the science behind each step. Complimentary tastings will allow the participant to appreciate the impact of a variety of ingredients on the final product.

Ideal for:

  • Staff Development/Team Building
  • Rainy Day Activity
  • Birthday/Anniversary/Holiday Gift

Cost: includes 3.5-hour course with tasting and 12 bottles (330mL) of your beer delivered to your door!  Alternatively you can come for the class and not have the beer delivered - in case you are just visiting (sorry, no international shipping).

Individual - $950

Individual (no beer delivered) - $700

Group of 4 - $3600

There are two options for booking the Intro to Brewing Course:

"Public School" - Saturdays from 2 - 6pm.  Anyone can join.  Go to our Book page to reserve your spot.


"Private School" - For groups of two or more people on a day and time of your choice.  Perfect for team building.  Please complete the form below to reserve a date.

Private School Intro to Brewing Course Request Form

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BTSB 201 new.png

btsb 201 - Approaches to brewing ales

There's more than one way to turn malt, water, and hops into beer!  This 3-session course will introduce three home brewing methods and dive into major beer styles of the world.  The 201 Course focuses on brewing ales and the various ale-styles.

Each session includes brewing instruction and guided tastings.  Participants will learn the differences between All-Extract, Extract and Specialty Grain, and All-Grain brewing which will equip them to brew at home despite space and equipment limitations.  An optional Brew Day allows the participant to put their new-found skills into practice and take home 12 of their hand-crafted beers.

We will gladly organize a 201 course for a minimum group of 4 participants on a day/time at your convenience - whether spread out over consecutive weeks, or condensed into a single weekend.  Contact us to schedule.

BTSB 201Topics

  • Session 1 - Extract Brewing & English/American Ales
  • Session 2 - Specialty Grain Brewing & French/Belgian Ales
  • Session 3 - All-Grain Brewing & German Ales
  • Brew Day - Date and Time TBD
Brewing 301.png

btsb 301 - recipe design & troubleshooting

Ditch the kits and the training wheels!  Build a foundation of brewing knowledge over a six-week period to improve your brewing skills and learn the fundamentals of recipe-design and troubleshooting.  Each week focuses on one step of the brewing process during a 2-hour session.  The first three weeks cover the basics of recipe design where you will put together your own custom recipe.  This will be followed by a group brew day where we carry out those recipes in 20-liter batches.  The last three weeks cover fermentation, packaging and sensory training to trouble-shoot your beer.  The course finishes with a release party featuring the beers brewed in class.  No prior brewing experience required, but the Intro to Brewing Course is recommended as a pre-requisite.  This course will allow you to finally have the confidence to ditch clone recipes and begin crafting your own creations.

August Intensive Schedule:

Session 1 - Thursday, August 23rd - Grain Bill Design, Malt types

Session 2 - Thursday, August 23rd - Water Profile, Mineral Additions, Mashing

Session 3 - Thursday, August 23rd - Hop Scheduling, IBUs, The Boil

Session 4 - Friday, August 24th - Yeast & Fermentation

Session 5 - Friday, August 24th - Packaging

Session 6 - Friday, August 24th - Troubleshooting your beer

Brew Day - Saturday, August 25th